We introduce our new program…EDUtech!

29 Aug 2016

We introduce EDUtech, a new program by The Pittsburgh Contingency (TPC) designed to educate youth in schools in current technology concepts to provide an early start opportunity and address the projected need for technology positions in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas as created by the progression of technology applications and industries. A recent report called Inflection Point: Supply, Demand and the Future of Work in the Pittsburgh Region, a local study validated by multiple outside sources, found the Pittsburgh region will experience a serious shortfall in the working age population over the next decade, and that the region’s workforce will need to be transformed requiring technology skillsets. The report estimates that a deficit of 80,000 workers over the next 10 years will exist if no plan of action is implemented and calls for an investment in training and bridging the divide between educators and employers to create a talent pool and labor supply needed to address job opportunities.

EDUtech injects technology concepts, terminology, and sets up a path to acquired skillsets to youth in the Pittsburgh and Mon Valley areas and does so by starting at the 8th grade level and progressing through the high school years, a time when young students are quite impressionable about selecting education and career paths for their future. Working closely with technology based firms that have established footprints in the Pittsburgh region, such as Google, Uber, Facebook, AirBnb, Amazon and more, EDUtech will frequently have discussions with these firms that lead to specifications, to acquire current concepts and skillsets they are looking for at present and in the future. These specifications will become the basis for the technology curriculum offered to students at various grade levels.

EDUtech is the long game, started at the early stage of young people’s lives to capture their imagination, with potential for strong impact and benefits of parties involved, including youth, the Pittsburgh region’s employment fulfillment, and tech companies involved who we believe will actively want to be involved in fostering youth to a potential path of employment.

The Pittsburgh Contingency will administer the program, providing project direction, and management, and professional contacts with the academic community and technology firms. We strongly believe and are determined to prove that a balance of comprehensive technology based education, a strong employment preparation model and intensive case management for achieving each individual’s goals and objectives are the elements of success for this program, making a significant difference in the direction of youth, and employment fulfillment in the Pittsburgh region.


EDUtech is a newly conceived TPC program, one that will propel TPC into the technology, education and employment spectrums while continuing to serve a constant in our history, youth and community development.



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