TPC currently acts as a Fiscal Sponsor to:

Achieving Greatness, Inc.

Achieving Greatness, Inc. was founded in 1975 by William R. Neal, Jr., President, and CEO, to provide educational, recreational, employment, and social programs for residents of Pittsburgh, PA, and the surrounding Allegheny County community. These services are offered to all, with no exception to age, race, sexual orientation, religion, or political affiliation.
Founded under the name of Champion Enterprises from 1975-2010, and re-established under the current name of Achieving Greatness, Inc., we are in our 47th year of dedicated service. We operate community-based programs with a special emphasis on low-income and disadvantaged youth and senior citizens.
We have provided over 20 programs and events annually to thousands of community residents. To mention a few: The Connie Hawkins NCAA/PRO/AM Summer Basketball League (1975-2010); Dr. Cyril Wecht Western PA Humanitarian and Celebration of Women Awards; Willie “Pops” Stargell Pgh. MVP Awards; Greatness Safe Summer Youth Programs; Pittsburgh/Allegheny County Public Service Awards; Pittsburgh City League High School Sports Hall of Fame Inductions; Rev. Duane A. Darkins Memorial Senior Citizen Thanksgiving Celebration; and Toys for Champions Christmas Party.
Among the 70 plus honors and awards received are the KDKA Hometown Hero Award; the Jefferson Award; and the United States Air Force National Community Service Award (under President William Jefferson Clinton’s administration).
For further information, contact William R. Neal, Jr. at 412-628-9509.

Mt. Washington Community Center

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and City Councilwoman Theresa Kail-Smith joined community members at Ream Recreation Center in Mount Washington for a pizza party and ribbon cutting re-opening ceremony on Thursday, Jan. 17, 2013.

“To have a safe place where the youth can participate in recreational, educational and social activities, is such an important asset to a community,” said Councilwoman Kail-Smith. The center serves youth in Mount Washington, Duquesne Heights and surrounding communities.

John Macellaro Jr. is currently operating the recreation center and 18 after school and recreation programs. 

“The Citiparks and recreation flag football and basketball leagues are two of the programs that the kids at MWCC have really enjoyed participating in over the past five years,” said John Macellaro Jr., recreation center director.Mt. Washington Community Center is at 321 Merrimac Street in Mount Washington. For more information about the center contact Mr. Macellaro at 412-758-5071 or via email at [email protected].

Sisters Saving Ourselves Now is dedicated to actionable steps facing women of all colors with a specific focus on underserved women. The goal of Sisters Saving Ourselves Now is to develop a national agenda for mobilizing areas of concern for women of color. Dr. Judith Moore’s organization’s objective is to convene other like-minded organizations that have a passion and a willingness to collectively participate in eliminating the challenges women of all colors and underserved face.  SSON can be reached at 412.427.8994 or email [email protected] .

Single Mom Empowerment Initiative

A Mon Valley affiliated program based in Clairton, PA, the objective of the Single-Mom Empowerment Initiative is to seek to refocus, redirect and renew principles that enhance a greater quality of life for single moms and their families by:

Developing and implementing best practices that positively affect and/or influence single moms and their families through maximizing their ability.

To develop strategies and individual commitment, accountability, credibility (morals) that transforms their individual and family lives through their own self-directed goals.

To link them to resources to help make cognizant options for their lives.

Realization that focused efforts and hard work, they can live the life they have always imagined: pursuing their dreams and passions.

Components of the program will be inclusive of workshops consisting of computer training, job readiness, entrepreneurship, nutrition, and healthy eating.

Activities of the program will consist of educational workshops, informative speakers, computer classes and rewarding field trips.
All Moms Are Blessed
All Moms Are Blessed is a program based in two locations: Northside and Mon-Valley, PA.

South Pittsburgh Coalition for Peace (SPCP) was founded in 2005 by the Birmingham Foundation in conjunction with several community grassroots organizations, local service providers and faith-based institutions in response to a shooting death of a Carrick High School student. The SPCP is a conglomerate of volunteers and agencies that are committed to the prevention of violence in the South Pittsburgh communities. The SPCP provides an array of services and educational opportunities for community residents and is a voice and a vehicle for all community members in South Pittsburgh. The SPCP and its providers seek to build communities that are peaceful and nurturing by offering relevant workshops and events to its members, other organizations, and the South Pittsburgh community at-large. Its members support the community holistically and work to strengthen partnerships that aid the efforts of the South Pittsburgh Coalition for Peace. These relationships continue to craft and further develop a sustainable organizational structure and to sustain training and violence prevention opportunities for youth and community members. The Coalition does aggressive community outreach which is one of the corner stones of our program and what makes the SPCP unique and irreplaceable to the communities that we service through programs like Dare to Dream and the South Pittsburgh Peacemakers Outreach. Contact us at 412.481.2777

Talk Minority Action Group – TMAG, part of the LJS Group, is a non-partisan organization, dedicated to advocating, educating and empowering minorities and underserved citizens through statewide networking events, and electronic communications. TMAG is committed to uplift and embolden the public through education on public policy issues, organizing for civil rights, highlighting information on healthcare issues and being a voice for citizens in Pennsylvania.

For more information please contact Roxanne Sewell at 412.823.4007 @ LJS Publications.

The Ephesus Project is a ministry that has been launched as a teaching, training and community ministry in a postmodern cultural context by the Reverend Joan B. Prentice. Their mission is to provide a distinctively Christian environment of spiritual and educational excellence where clergy, laypersons, community leaders and seekers can unite in a learning atmosphere to transform lives, and communities. The Ephesus Project is a primer for organic and community ministry in a postmodern cultural context.

The various components of the Ephesus Project are designed to meet the challenges of the church, community and leadership through the New Paradigm Leadership training, Grace Space gathering for pastors, leaders, and community; Open Word Conversations; retreats, focus symposiums; and the intercession and work of Mothers United in Christ to address the nurturing and pastoral arm of the Ephesus Project.

The Ephesus Project exists in community, among the people, with the people and through the people, the “Church Without Walls,” holding true to the tenets of the Christian faith, but in unique and creative ways of ministry. Our vision is for a healed and empowered community who exists in relationship with God and one another for the mission and Gospel of Christ in action.

It is the goal and work of the Ephesus Project to do ministry that is redemptive and relevant to the spirit of the time.  You can find more information about their good works at “”.

The Shyne Awards Foundation is a student empowerment organization that exposes young adults between the ages of 13-19 to Career, Higher Education, Personal Development and Leadership opportunities. The organization run by the Founder, Orlana Darkins-Drewery, hosts an annual awards ceremony called “The Shyne Awards” the celebrates their achievements. You can reach them via email at [email protected] or by calling 412.258.1243.

The Wellness Collective, founded by Shanon Williams-Hughes, is a consortium of neighbors helping neighbors through emergencies and onto a path of stability.  Currently serving The Greater Pittsburgh Area, this membership collective allows everyday people to access immediate support and long-term solutions to necessities such as mental and physical health, housing, transportation, nutrition, education, and the like!  We have several opportunities to come together, such as becoming a paid member, contributing to a fundraiser to help a neighbor, hosting a fundraiser on behalf of TWC so that we can continue to support our neighbors, lending a hand, etc.  Our goal is to not only provide support, but also to truly act as neighbors by assist each other in achieving stability and then celebrating together – near and far – when we collectively make it happen.  No one should be forced into poverty or state-dependency.  We are here to make it so that no one is.  Reach out to or phone 412.212.6740.

How it Works

Neighbors become members of the collective and agree to pay whatever monthly amount that they feel comfortable with.  Wellness providers are made available to our neighbors seeking support. Neighbors who reach out to The Collective are connected to the appropriate provider(s) or approved for an agreed upon monetary payment through The Collective.

Money In/Money Out

The funds raised are purposed for community use.  Therefore, 90% of the money raised each year is required to be spent and publicly justified in order to ensure that the maximum amount of support is possible.  To ensure the sustainability of the collective, providers are responsible for hosting one fundraiser a year, recruiting at least one new provider per year, and recruiting at least 5 community members a month.

Voices Against Violence

Through consistent and personal education and support, Voices Against Violence aims to empower youth and reduce interpersonal conflict among members of underserved communities in South Pittsburgh.

Voices Against Violence utilizes trust-based, grassroots approaches in order to:

Increase graduation rates, Pittsburgh Promise readiness, self-advocacy skills, leadership and community awareness among at-risk high school youth, so that they can and will choose to engage in positive and productive behavior.

✅ Engage children and youth in the community with healthy, productive and meaningful activities during the summers.

✅ Provide support and opportunities for adults to find alternatives to violence in order to lead a healthy and productive life.  

Reach us by phone: 412-670-0121 or email: [email protected]
Visit us: McKinley Park Community Center at 900 Delmont Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15210

Voices Against Violence (VAV) grew out of a street outreach initiative by Richard Carrington, Sr. working with Pittsburgh gang members in 1992.  The organization was formally established in 1995 in response to a growing need for holistic community-based programs that serve youth involved with gangs, drugs, and guns in South Pittsburgh.  Voices Against Violence became one of the first and foremost anti-violence organizations in Pittsburgh, pioneering programs in Street Mediation, Conflict and Restorative Justice Practices. Voices Against Violence is a successful, non-profit organization using The Pittsburgh Contingency, a registered 501c3, as its official, audited, fiscal conduit.


The mission of Voices Against Violence is to strategically and proactively reduce interpersonal conflict among youth through activities focused on prevention and diversion.  VAV serves male and female youth ages 4 to 24 residing in South Pittsburgh communities.  Youth are predominantly from Beltzhoover, Allentown, Arlington, Carrick, Knoxville, and Mt. Oliver, but also include Beechview, Bon, Air, Brookline, Mt. Washington, Overbrook, and the Southside.  Program participants are economically and socially under-served, with the majority meeting the eligibility criteria to qualify for the free or reduced lunch program.  Youth come to Voices Against Violence in a variety of ways.  Some are mandated to the program by local magistrates or probation officers, there are school or agency referrals, and others learn about the organization from family, friends, or community members.

Over the last 25 years, this grassroots, community-focused organization has developed and implemented a wide variety of programming to serve area youth including numerous anti-violence and restorative justice programs, street violence intervention, conflict mediation and resolution, school-based retention programs, as well as facilitated parent groups, managed summer employment programs, and cultivated other leaders who have since branched off to start their own programs.  Since 1997, Voices Against Violence also hosts a free summer camp for area youth ages 4 to 14.  

Women Against Abusive Relationships – WAARs mission is to “Break the Cycle” of violence in intimate partner relationships through awareness, education and prevention programs.  We teach participants how to identify the signs of abusive behavior and what a healthy relationship looks like.  WAAR also offers empowerment to females through our Healing Space in an effort to help them make informed choices necessary for healthy relationships and self-sufficiency, after experiencing intimate partner violence.

WAAR has served over 1800 women and teens via workshops and conferences in schools, community centers and churches to communities at large in Allegheny County.  For more information please contact Roxanne Epperson 412.818.3225 or visit their Facebook page at WAARHeals.

TPC is educating and assisting with fiscal and business management to:

B-PEP, the Black Political Empowerment Project, was launched on May 21, 1986 as a non-partisan community collaborative, consisting of agency, organization and religious leaders, as well as committed individuals, which seeks to build political power and influence for the African American community by:

  • Advocating that ALL African Americans are registered to vote, and that they embrace the mission:  “It’s a LIFETIME COMMITMENT …African Americans VOTE in each and every election!”
  • Advocating that those in political office move to expeditiously and effectively meet the needs,  aspirations and concerns of the African American population they are elected to serve.
  • Recognizing the pivotal and powerful connection  between a consistently high voting pattern in the African American community and its impact on the political process.

 B-PEP is primarily a volunteer organization which relies upon the dedication of people who donate an incredible number of hours to an organization that they truly believe in because of its ability to “uplift” our communities by providing “hope” and a sense of purpose.In addition to ensuring that African Americans participate in the voting process, B-PEP oversees other projects including the Coalition Against Violence, the Regional Equity Monitoring Project (REMP), and we partner with the Youth Media Justice Initiative and with CCAC’s Young Adult Empowerment Program (YEAP).  For more information visit Tim Stevens and the B-Peppers at “”.

Eastman Community Projects
Eastman Community Projects (ECP) is a non-profit whose mission is to help communities become more art centric via design, art installations, community programs and events. The nonprofit was founded in October of 2017 by artist John Eastman.

The first project undertaken is a Building Facade Program, involving the renting and purchasing of garages, small buildings, and houses in the community of Swissvale, Pittsburgh, all of which will become sites for art installations and available for viewing. The exterior of the buildings will be wrapped in corrugated sheet metal and wood, with a gate facade erected in the front of each selected building, designating it as an art installation site. In some instances, just the sheet metal and wood frame Gate Facade will be installed. Inside each building will be an art installation on display and available for viewing on weekends or by appointment. Weekend guidance tours will be available and offer an explanation of the narrative, design, development and function of each installation. Periodically throughout the year (four times yearly), the art installation sites will be replenished with new installations.

The first Building Facade site (BF # 1) is on the corner of Nevada St and Arcadia Way which houses the small projects and planning studio of artist John Eastman.

The second Building Facade site (BF # 2) is located in the alleyway of Nevada St and Monarch Way, Swissvale will house internally a art installation of furniture created by artist john eastman.

Along with expanding the community’s exposure and awareness to art, the project is an attempt to engage the community to partake in the rebirth and revitalization of the community through art, and design concepts.

Hilltop Urban Farm – Located on 107 acres of land – with 23 acres dedicated to farming – it is a multi-pronged initiative that produces locally-grown crops, provides agriculture-based education, generates entrepreneurial opportunities, and strengthens communities. John Bixler, Executive Director of Hilltop Urban Farm is set to transform the land it currently occupies. Given its size, scope and reach, it will ultimately become the largest urban farm in the United States and serve as a resource for urban farming initiatives.

Central to our mission are three core programs: youth-centered education; a workforce training program for new adult urban farmers; and an active, accessible farmers’ market. Learn more about the direction of each core program, and how Hilltop Urban Farm acts as a dynamic asset for local communities.

OUR MISSION To create and sustain a new, regional asset in south Pittsburgh’s Hilltop community, that is committed to growing food, growing farmers and growing a community. Hilltop Urban Farm will benefit its neighbors by being a catalyst for community pride and reinvestment. 

 OUR VISION With the tools, education and funding needed to successfully operate, Hilltop Urban Farm will provide entrepreneurial opportunities for farmers; teach children about farming; and offer easy access to healthy, locally-grown food for the community. Hilltop Urban Farm will serve as a national model for leveraging urban agriculture planning and programming to achieve a broad spectrum of community development goals.


The Farmer Incubation Program (FIP) at Hilltop Urban Farm is a 3 year workforce development program for new small-scale organic urban farm enterprises. For an annual Program Participation Fee, participants are provided access to rehabilitated urban farming acres, storage, solar electric, hoop houses, mobile coolers and a shared tool library. Participants will learn farm business management skills and food growing techniques. Program participants will gain exposure to the local and regional food systems by participating in educational programs and networking events. The FIP graduates will develop a business plan, customer base, and have a 3 year-old business to assist with acquiring capital for business expansion. The FIP graduates will be prequalified to rent preserved farmland with nonprofit partners and the Urban Redevelopment Authority of the City of Pittsburgh vacant urban land through the Farm-A-Lot program. Once under full production, FIP farmers at Hilltop Urban Farm will quadruple the amount of produce grown within the City of Pittsburgh. 


Serving as a vehicle for youth education and development, the Youth Farm at Hilltop Urban Farm engages school-aged children from the Hilltop communities with food production and teamwork. Partnering with the Pittsburgh Arlington School, Lighthouse Cathedral, and the New Academy Charter School, the Youth Farm acts as a living agricultural and ecological laboratory for children. It promotes the teaching of Nutrition & Cooking, Growing Food, Local Food Systems, Agriculture as a Career Pathway, and Ecology of Western Pennsylvania through the lens of urban farming with the support of program partners Penn State Extension, Allegheny Land Trust Education Department, Power Up, and Grow Pittsburgh.

All elements of the Youth Farm are visually appealing, colorful, child-friendly and scaled to size. Children can expect to learn, play and interact among raised bed growing areas, youth gardens, a youth orchard and a youth food forest.John can be reached at 412.586.5707 or via email at [email protected].